Monday, 25 January 2010

New Canadian Silver Dollar

Proof Silver Dollar - 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy (RCM-2010)

A new 2010 Canadian Silver Dollar collector coin has been released.. KREN2ADFKPUZ

In 1910 Parliament passed the Naval Service Act to form the Canadian navy, a fledgling force that came to fruition during the Second World War when Canada built more than 120 corvettes to guard the North Atlantic. The Sackville was one of the original Flower Class corvettes that gained recognition for her exemplary service during the Second World War. In 1982, she was reconverted to her original state and now serves as The Canadian Naval Memorial to honour the heritage of the Canadian Navy.

Silver dollars gained status as collectibles in 1935 when the first silver dollar (Voyageur) was produced. As this is the 51st issue of the series, this coin is crafted with all the prestige of one of the Royal Canadian Mint’s most enduring series.

The HMCS Sackville, the last surviving corvette and living memorial to the Canadian Navy, its pennant number (K-181) clearly visible on its hull and its motto (Ready Aye Ready/PrĂȘt Oui PrĂȘt) in morse code.

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