Monday, 5 November 2012

Silver Tasmainian Devil Proof Coin

Australian Silver Coins

Silver Tasmanian Devil Proof Coin

The Perth Mint has released the third silver bullion proof coin in the series Endangered and Extinct, this third coin will feature the Tasmanian Devil. The Tasmanian Devil is the worlds largest surviving carnivorous marsupial and is only found in Australia. The Tasmania Devil has a thick-set, squat build, with black fur and a large broad head and short thick tail. Today this incredible creature is wholly protected and is considered a Tasmanian icon.

 The coin reverse portrays the magnificent Tasmanian Devil in colour and the background comprises of representations of fern leaves and a rocky den. No more than 5,000 of these coins will be minted by the Perth Mint, each coin is minted from .999 fine silver bullion in a proof finish. Each coin is housed in a high gloss wooden case and illustrated shipper, each coin has individual numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Other coins in the series are the Tasmanian Tiger and the Wedgedtailed Eagle.

Silver Tasmanian Coin Specifications

Mint: Perth Mint
Weight: 31.135 grams
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Edge: Reeded
Composition: .999 Silver

Mintage: 5,000

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